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Megan Fox HD Wallpaper

15 Aug , 2014  

Megan Fox HD Wallpaper

A lot of us were introduced to this beautiful lady in the first Transformers movie and boy what an introduction it was. Megan Fox stole the hearts of millions. Unfortunately she was replaced for the subsequent Transformers movie, but she continues to wow us in her other theatrical appearances. More…

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Izabel Goulart HD Wallpaper #wcw

6 Aug , 2014  

Izabel Goulart

This week’s Woman Crush Wednesday is a Victoria’s Secret model, Izabel Goulart. This tall (5′ 10″), brunette Brazilian model is an angel indeed and smart too, fluent in 3 languages. I think it’s easy to see how she qualifies for this week’s #wcw More…

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HD Wallpapers,Models,Woman Crush Wednesday

#wcw Denise Milani

30 Jul , 2014  

Denise Milani massive cleavage

Do I really have to explain why Denise Milani would be a choice for Woman Crush Wednesday. I mean just look at that cleavage. You could get lost for days in that bra, they might have to send out a search party to rescue you. Yup, that’s why Denise Milani is this week’s choice. More…

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HD Wallpapers,Woman Crush Wednesday

#wcw Jordana Brewster

23 Jul , 2014  

Jordana Brewster HD Wallpaper

It’s Wednesday again, so it’s time for another Woman Crush Wednesday. Ever since the first The Fast & Furious movie, Jordana Brewster has been real high on my crush list. She remains to look real good even through 6 Fast & Furious movies!

Download Jordana Brewster HD Wallpaper!

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Woman Crush Wednesday

#wcw Tianna Gregory part 2

10 Jul , 2014  

Tiana Gregory Air Jordans

Ok, I’m a day late with this, but here it is anyways. My Woman Crush Wednesday is Tianna Gregory, yes, the wonderful, beautiful Tianna again. She’s wearing some damn fine looking Air Jordan’s in this sexy photo.

Download Tianna Gregory Air Jordan HD Wallpaper

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