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#wcw Denise Milani

30 Jul , 2014  

Denise Milani massive cleavage

Do I really have to explain why Denise Milani would be a choice for Woman Crush Wednesday. I mean just look at that cleavage. You could get lost for days in that bra, they might have to send out a search party to rescue you. Yup, that’s why Denise Milani is this week’s choice. More…

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HD Wallpapers,Woman Crush Wednesday

#wcw Jordana Brewster

23 Jul , 2014  

Jordana Brewster HD Wallpaper

It’s Wednesday again, so it’s time for another Woman Crush Wednesday. Ever since the first The Fast & Furious movie, Jordana Brewster has been real high on my crush list. She remains to look real good even through 6 Fast & Furious movies!

Download Jordana Brewster HD Wallpaper!

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